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Menu and Reservation Info


Reservation Info and Printable Contract Form




For Event Contract, Wedding Menu, and additional info click the button below to access a printable document



Entrée selections must be submitted 14 days prior to your event.

Per Wisconsin Administrative Code (DH & SS, Section 196.07) no food may be allowed in any function room from outside sources. The only exception is desserts. There are absolutely no other exceptions.

Any leftover food cannot leave the property.

There is no additional charge for cake cutting following dinner. A charge of $50 will be added if you prefer Seven Lakes to cut and serve the cake later during the dance. If you choose to cut your own cake during the dance you must bring your own paper plates and utensils.

Bar Service

The upstairs banquet hall has the main bar. However the downstairs banquet room has a small bar.

Bartenders are provided at no additional charge for the upstairs banquet room.

Bartenders are NOT provided for the downstairs banquet room.

To have a bartender in the downstairs room, a charge of $10.00 per hour plus tip with a minimum of 4 hours is required. A minimum of 40 guests or more to have this option.

A full selection of cocktails, beer and wine are available.

Hosted and non-hosted bar service is available. In the event of a hosted bar the tab will be added to the bill at the conclusion of your event and charged a 15% gratuity for the bar staff.

Any carry-in alcohol containers will be disposed of by our staff. There are no exceptions to the rule and includes any alcohol being consumed on Seven Lakes grounds that was not purchased at Seven Lakes Golf and Dining.


Deposits of $250 for the Upstairs banquet room and $150 for the Downstairs banquet room. On Sunday’s the downstairs banquet room is unavailable until 2pm. In order to use our Downstairs banquet room, besides the $150 deposit , a minimum of $400 in food and drinks is required. If the minimum is not met, you will have to pay the difference.Upstairs banquet room minimum is $500. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Cash,credit card, or personal check are acceptable forms of payment for deposits. In addition for weddings, 6 weeks prior to your reception an additional $1000 will be secured via credit card and charged if you cancel the date within the six weeks prior to your reception.

We require a 125 adult minimum for all Saturday night bookings in the Main banquet room. There is no variance or deviations from these minimums. You will be charged those minimums if the guest counts do not meet these amounts.

Payment is due at the end of your event. Cash, credit card and checks are acceptable forms of payment.

Prices are guaranteed for the calendar year, meaning pricing that comes out on the 1st of January is guaranteed until December 31st of that year. Your pricing is reflective for the year of your event, not the year you signed a contract.

We do not allow tape to be used on any walls or woodwork. Confetti and glitter is not permitted. (If Confetti is used a $75.00 Clean up fee will be charged.)

An estimated guest count is required 2 weeks prior to your event, with a final due 72 hours prior.

For Buffet and Family Style Service we will charge for the count given 2 days prior to the event (within 5 percent)or the number of guests served, whichever is greater.

All decorations, centerpieces, etc must be removed from the hall the night of your event.

The Main banquet room and downstairs banquet room that has been reserved for your event will be ready at 9 a.m. the day of your event.

We feature onsite weddings here at Seven Lakes Golf & Dining. The waterfront Tiki Bar area for $200 or Driving Range overlooking hole number 10 for $100. Chairs are available to rent for the ceremony for $1.00 per chair.

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